The Biggest Problem: Dabbling here and there in a little bit of everything and not becoming skilled in an area.

Skills Pay the Bills.

If its skills in selling, even better. Selling is where the potential to make big money really is. Like it or not, it is what it is. Get some selling skills.

The Biggest Desire: To be financially independent.

This allows you to:

– not worry so much anymore (if you’re good at managing that money)
– pay bills.
– have fun.
– feel secure.
– make decisions according to your desires, not lack of having.
– for women, to make as much as a man.
– not have a ceiling for how much you can earn.
– have the wedding of your dreams.
– have the home and car of your dreams.
– help others out financially a lot.
– get divorced if you need to, when you need to.
– never depend on a man who mistreats you because you ain’t got your own money.


It hasn’t been easy for me. Well, it rarely is for anyone. I trusted in a person that let me down. I trusted in bosses that let me down. I trusted in friends that let me down. I trusted in family members that let me down.

I forgive them… and move on. MY TRUST IS RESERVED AND EARNED. But I can’t live hating people. I just gotta learn from my mistakes, what I’d do different, and just forgive. Let. It. Go. For our own well-being, of course.

I’ve learned that people can let you down. And that’s all part of the life process. I learned that owning my own business is a great way to make some good money. It’s tough, but hey. I like opportunities that offer residual income. I learned to never be a stay at home mom– unless you still have some income of your own or some ‘hidden’ savings in case of an emergency.

I learned that having selling skills is a great avenue to big money. Which I care a lot about because I never again want to be in a situation where people use or abuse me. Ever. Again.

Get some skills, Pay the bills… but never allow anyone to step on you and mistreat you. NEVER.

Example: Have you heard the story of the 3 bitches?

W1- goes on a date with THE GUY. The guy calls her a ‘b’. She doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so she stays quiet.

W2- goes on a date with THE GUY. He calls her a ‘b’. She calls him out and tells him to never do that to her again. How rude of you!

W3- goes on a date with THE GUY. He calls her a ‘b’. She takes her stuff and goes home.

Who was most secure? #3

Who was the neediest? #2

#1 is really neutral because by not reacting, she didn’t teach him it was okay but she didn’t also teach him it was not okay. So let’s put her in the needy category because why take the crap? Why?

#2 is complaining. All he learns is that he can do it again. One time mistreatment did nothing but get a complaint. And actions def speak louder than words. Well, except rude disrespectful words– those are loud and clear.

#3 was most secure because there’s no fear. No fear of losing the relationship, no fear of making a quiet scene, no fear of standing up for herself and teaching those around her to respect her.

Let’s just say that that guy will know never to do that again to #3… if he wants her around.

BE you. Be brave. Be secure. Respect and be respected… or walk away.