Tonight I spoke with my children my next lesson. 

To the girls I said:

If you girls gotta pick someone to marry in the future, you better make sure that person has been honest with you.  Do you think it’s ok for your spouse to hide things from you, to have secrets and a private life?  

The privacy part confused them since we all have private parts and they need their bathroom privacy. 
But I told them NO. When you are married, you share your life with that other person. If someone is not willing to share their life with you and they hide things from you at all, will you go on with them?? NO. DON’T. You will not be very happy in your life. 

To the boy I said,

When you’re a young man looking to marry, make sure that you’re always honest in everything. Do not hide, do not think it’s ok to hide your phone from your spouse. It isn’t. If you can’t share your life with that one person, don’t get married, don’t date them. Just move on. 

And we repeated the verse we learned before:

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much. And whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. Luke 16:10 

They’ve seen the show with the Ladybug and Cat Noir, where people who get sad, angry and lonely are able to become akumatized by the evil one because of their hard hearts. 

Well, I told them that in their lives they will many times make mistakes. But that the solution to that is not to hide (like we usually do), the solution to our mistakes is to go and make things right with the person you hurt or God (if there’s internal guilt). By apologizing you are seeking to restore your relationship with others. By hiding, you will get further apart from others, become sadder and angrier and gain a darker heart. No matter what you have done, you can seek forgiveness as many times as you do wrong and God will always forgive you. You CAN ALWAYS have a fresh start where you can begin doing things differently. 

Say ‘sorry’, feel sorry when you do wrong and apologize. Then begin again to be a better you. That’s it. No more hiding. 

I also explained to them that they will need to practice with me. How my son treats me as his mom, he will eventually be with his wife. So don’t hide from me, apologize when you have done wrong. Whoever hides, separates themselves and becomes sad, angry, and lonely.